May 2017 IB Diploma Exam Schedule

For those of you writing IB exams next May (2017), you can now see your schedule. Find out what subject and what date you will be writing that final exam. It is never to early to plan ahead.

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11 thoughts on “May 2017 IB Diploma Exam Schedule

  1. Hi, my computer can’t seem to read the file. I know it’s a hastle but any way you could screenshot it and send me it maybe? Or make it a word document? It’s okay if you can’t be bothered 🙂 Thanks!


  2. Whoa, are you 100% sure about these dates? Because it seems that I will write Computer Science SL and Geography HL at the same time… Please tell me that I read it wrong…

  3. Does anyone have the November 2014 exam schedule? And is it different for retakes and normal examination?

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