Feb 24

Dreaming of India

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I am very excited to be joining the group and heading off in less than 2 weeks. When I was in grade 11 I was fortunate enough to travel to Thailand to volunteer and it was an experience I still vividly remember to this day. I hope that this year’s students will create memories that they will share and be inspired by for the rest of their lives.

I have not been to India but I have started reading up on everything South India. Between my Tamil dictionaries, South India and Kerala tour books to great blogs my friends share, I feel as ready as I can be until I arrive to the bustling streets of Chennai.

I am looking forward to volunteering and experiencing a new culture and community. I am also looking forward to how the students grow and develop from this experience and hearing their stories.

Until we start sharing pictures and stories, here are the blogs from others who has experience India. One is about avoiding Delhi Belly and another on traveling tips for India (from a Canadian). Both very interesting and worth looking it (in addition to our blog of course).



Countdown: 13 days until departure.

Incredible India